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Azane is a painting created by Ricardo Martínez Herrera | Riikc in his Brussels studio. Only ammonia compounds were used to paint this piece.


Blue Mechanical Pencil Lead Drawing

This drawing is a special one, since it’s the first male muse I’ve ever worked with. I had the chance to match with Deante while driving through Texas on my way back home.

I really like this sketch, made with blue mechanical pencil lead on a cobalt blue background and gold metallic ink.

Blanc_lugubre — Oil painting on gold leaf of a young woman kneeling.

Blanc_lugubre — Small oil painting on gold leaf

[burnt umber, cadmium red, titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre and cobalt blue on gold background ] As I made it to Brussels in the middle of the pandemic, I set myself to finish the small oil painting on gold leaf — this one was sketched and primed many months ago, before the travel ban. This piece is based on a photo by blanc_lugubre, who I met on tinder...

Zorn palette oil portrait of Jenny

Jenny — Zorn Palette Painting

I met Jenny in Brussels a couple of years ago, while searching for a model to wear my 3Doodler dress. After our initial meeting, we shot some more pictures, knowing one of them would be transferred into a painting or a sketch at some point.This is a one hour sketch of one of those days — Zorn palette on a 10x10cm canvas.