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50mm Sunset at Surfside, Belize

50mm Sunset

In my humble opinion, the only lens that’s worth taking EVERYWHERE is the 50mm lens. One of my favorite moments in photography is discovering this lens. Here’s a 50mm sunset taken with a Canon EOS 7d in Surfside, Belize during my first Belizean adventure. If you’re up for a challenge, try traveling with a camera equipped with a nifty fifty and...

Kids jumping into the Roaring River in Belize.

Roaring River, Belize

I consider this shot one of the best pictures I have taken; It all came together at the Belmopan Agricultural Fair, next to the Roaring River, in Belize. Belizean kids were playing and jumping back and forth into the river, hidden from the festivities and in their own world. I had my camera ready for any eye-catching event at the fair, and certainly was not expecting...