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Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos 3d Pen Skull

Dia de los Muertos is here! As a Mexican, this holiday was always a big moment to reflect and remember those who have died. I never really understood the weight of this date until I lost my grandfather in 2011. As a way of remembering the dead, I decorated the 3d pen skull I created just a couple of days ago in Guelph. I was not expecting 3Doodler’s team to...

3d skull sketched with lix pen

3d Skull sketched with LIX pen

So, here it is, a 3d skull sketched with LIX pen. I created this piece over the course of several days while visiting the LIX headquarters in Belgium. There’s a youtube video which shows all sides of this skull, another small clip was posted by the LIX team and gathered more then 100,000 views, being featured by many websites, such as Insider and LadBible. This...

Mini 3d Skeleton

Ok, here’s my second sketch created with ABS plastic from a 3d pen: A mini 3d skeleton with moving body parts. Somehow, this got featured by LIX pen during its inception, gathering more than 100,000 views on instagram: More of my sculptures can be seen here. To see my first sketch click here. Skeleton by www.lixpen.com @theriikc #lix #lixpen #3dpen #3dlix...

first 3d pen sketch

First 3d pen sketch

In 2015, I finally got to play with a 3d pen: specifically the sleek LIX pen featured in many tech, design and startup sites. Have a look at my first 3d pen sketch, which is obviously a skull. I sketched a second skull in black a couple of weeks later, you can see that sculpture here. With time, most of my LIX 3d sketches were featured by the company in their social...