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3d bird sketch with lixpen

3d Bird Sketch with LIX PEN

First final photo of the 3d bird sketch made with LIX PEN, for this project, I wanted to create a 3d bird with many moving features, so I created articulations for the head, wings, legs and torso with a 3d pen. Articulated af. It’s been a year since I drew a 3d raven with @lixpen. Time flies. . . . . . #3dprinting #art #movement #startup #drawing #sketch #black...

Quick 3d pen sketch with LIX pen

Quick 3d pen sketch

I wanted to come up with a quick 3d pen sketch, so what better subject than a small bird? Using PLA as my material, I drew this bird with my old LIXPEN. I discovered PLA is way softer than ABS, and it comes in many different textures such as bronze and wood. Sketching this bird took less than an hour.   Bird on the ball from @theriikc #ball #bird #3dprinting...

3d skull sketched with lix pen

3d Skull sketched with LIX pen

So, here it is, a 3d skull sketched with LIX pen. I created this piece over the course of several days while visiting the LIX headquarters in Belgium. There’s a youtube video which shows all sides of this skull, another small clip was posted by the LIX team and gathered more then 100,000 views, being featured by many websites, such as Insider and LadBible. This...

Bismuth skull made by riikc

Bismuth Skull Sculpture

Xe 4f14 5d10 6s2 6p3 is a bismuth skull sculpture made by riikc. Bismuth crystals were formed around a hand-made gypsum skull. This piece was created in Brussels, where it remains as a part of a private collection. Here’s a look at the skull before the bismuth pour, you can also see the mold used to create the teeth, which is based on my own chompers.  ...