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Tag - art

Jenny is wearing a 3d printed blouse sketched with a 3Doodler pen.

3d Drawn Blouse — Wearable Sculpture Worn on Model

When are 3d printed dresses going mainstream? Imagine if you could draw a 3d garment specifically for your use, adapted to your body, and designed uniquely for yourself. This is what I had in mind when in 2019, when I drew a 3d blouse for a friend with a flexible material (TPU/FLEXY). Could I create flexible layers of clothing specifically for one person? Using a...

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos 3d Pen Skull

Dia de los Muertos is here! As a Mexican, this holiday was always a big moment to reflect and remember those who have died. I never really understood the weight of this date until I lost my grandfather in 2011. As a way of remembering the dead, I decorated the 3d pen skull I created just a couple of days ago in Guelph. I was not expecting 3Doodler’s team to...

ABS to Bronze

After a few weeks of testing 3d pens, an idea came to me: What if I turned ABS to Bronze with the lost wax casting process? The first step towards this feat was to find a piece that would turn into a glorious sculpture or get destroyed in the process. The winning object was a red ABS plastic heart I had sketched days before: ABS to Bronze — Step 2 Sprues were to be...

3d bird sketch with lixpen

3d Bird Sketch with LIX PEN

First final photo of the 3d bird sketch made with LIX PEN, for this project, I wanted to create a 3d bird with many moving features, so I created articulations for the head, wings, legs and torso with a 3d pen. Articulated af. It’s been a year since I drew a 3d raven with @lixpen. Time flies. . . . . . #3dprinting #art #movement #startup #drawing #sketch #black...