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Alebrije dibujado con 3Doodler, el Lápiz 3d

Si fueras mexicano, artista, y tuvieras demasiado material en diferentes colores, que es primero que harías? Tu y yo sabemos que el alebrije seria tu primera opción. Si no tienes la (mala? buena?) suerte de ser mexicano, entonces tal vez no conozcas la palabra y el significado de la...

Death Stranding Baby sculpted with a 3d pen and clear plastic strands.

Death Stranding Baby — Sculpted with a 3D Pen

To see a world in a grain of sand,And a heaven in a wild flower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,And eternity in an hour.— William Blake, Auguries of Innocence If you had asked me a year ago, whether we would be in a confined world, without social contact, and working from home...

Jenny is wearing a 3d printed blouse sketched with a 3Doodler pen.

3d Drawn Blouse — Wearable Sculpture Worn on Model

When are 3d printed dresses going mainstream? Imagine if you could draw a 3d garment specifically for your use, adapted to your body, and designed uniquely for yourself. This is what I had in mind when in 2019, when I drew a 3d blouse for a friend with a flexible material (TPU/FLEXY)...

3d Mate Review — The 3d Mate TRIO includes a design mat, a 3d printing pen and a wide variety of PLA filament. Read my review here:

3d Mate Review — A Must-Have Accesory for 3d Pen Artists

It’s been a couple of weeks that I first got my hands on a 3d Mate Trio. The TRIO is a 3 piece combo consisting of a 3d printing pen called 3d Mate ONE with a nice stand, many rolls of PLA filament in a variety of colors and the BASE silicone mat which has become one of my favorite...