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3d pen heart

3D Pen Heart Sketch

Most of my art projects involve human anatomy in one way or another, in May 2016, I worked with a LIX 3d pen to sketch several anatomical drawings, including a skull, a bust and a heart. Here’s my first 3d pen heart sketch. This is also the base for my lost wax casting project, which turned ABS to Bronze in an ancient Belgian atelier. With time, these projects...

Heart sculpture made with papier mache, oil paint, glass and LED circuitry.

Heart Sculpture

This heart sculpture brings me good memories; Before I had any sort of money, recognition or big projects, I turned into the arts to create a future for myself. After having co-founded my first project in Belize, I had to return back home to cut my costs, and to dedicate some time to my most ambitious dream – studying art in Europe. I was asked to present a...