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Painting in progress — Portrait of Brandon Moreno as "el Valiente" from the mexican loteria cards.

Painting in Progress — Portrait of Brandon Moreno

This has been a painting in progress for TOO LONG. This post is a gentle reminder to myself that I need to finish this portrait and sell it pronto.

As a part of my series on the Lotería, I’m using a zorn palette for the details on Brandon Moreno’s body, with an additional color palette for all of the details surrounding him. These details include the Mexican flag, VENUM UFC shorts with gold details, a LEGO paper bag, and the UFC flyweight champion belt.

Brandon’s pose is inspired by the “El Valiente” lotería card,

All gold details are created with 24k gold leaf set on canvas.

I really can’t wait to finish this painting in progress, but at least I finished something this week!

Painting of UFC Flyweight champion Brandon Moreno depicted as"El Valiente"

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