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Ricardo is a Mexican artist with experience ranging from sculpture and graphic design to business management, web development and activism in between. In addition to his artistic endeavours, he developed 2 mobile apps while completing his Masters Degree at the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. With his work he strives to solve social problems in unconventional ways, pushing to get people thinking and acting through the use of art and technology.


Entrevista con México al Día

Entrevista con México al Día

12:00 AM
Entrevista para Gabriel Ramirez de México al Día, donde habló sobre combatir los efectos adversos del TLCAN al consumir alimentos

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Lady Liberty sketched with a 3d pen on Canvas — 3Doodler art by Riikc


3Doodler vs Lix Pen, a 3d pen comparison by Riikc

3Doodler vs LIX pen

15 Jan 2018

If you stumbled across my site then you have probably seen my 3d pen sculptures on Youtube or Instagram. Throughout this year I have received…