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3d bird sketch with lixpen

3d Bird Sketch with LIX PEN

First final photo of the 3d bird sketch made with LIX PEN, for this project, I wanted to create a 3d bird with many moving features, so I created articulations for the head, wings, legs and torso with a 3d pen. Articulated af. It’s been a year since I drew a 3d raven with @lixpen. Time flies. . . . . . #3dprinting #art #movement #startup #drawing #sketch #black...

Mini 3d Skeleton

Ok, here’s my second sketch created with ABS plastic from a 3d pen: A mini 3d skeleton with moving body parts. Somehow, this got featured by LIX pen during its inception, gathering more than 100,000 views on instagram: More of my sculptures can be seen here. To see my first sketch click here. Skeleton by www.lixpen.com @theriikc #lix #lixpen #3dpen #3dlix...

first 3d pen sketch

First 3d pen sketch

In 2015, I finally got to play with a 3d pen: specifically the sleek LIX pen featured in many tech, design and startup sites. Have a look at my first 3d pen sketch, which is obviously a skull. I sketched a second skull in black a couple of weeks later, you can see that sculpture here. With time, most of my LIX 3d sketches were featured by the company in their social...