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About Riikc

Ricardo Martínez Herrera (riikc) is an artist, entrepreneur, and activist whose work has given him a truly global footprint. He lives in Brussels, Belgium, where he finished his MFA in sculpture and established a digital agency with clients in more than 8 countries.

As someone who took it upon himself at a young age to self-teach all of the skills he could, Ricardo is a strong supporter of the power that each of us holds to take our skills and education into our own hands. At the start of his career as a travel photographer, Riikc had to leave his country due to the violence it faced, equipped with only a camera and a computer, he provided for himself using his learned skills.  Recently, Ricardo co-founded three companies in the past six years, beginning with a real estate and tourism company in Placencia, Belize. Building on this first experience, he plunged into the tech sector, co-founding two app companies, which have both produced apps with worldwide users. Beyond his companies, Riikc has a vast oeuvre of website development, graphic design, photography, and video work that has firmly established him as a creative force to be reckoned with.

In the arts, Riikc draws on concepts of geometry and the human form to produce works that are contemplative and cutting edge. He is always experimenting with new mediums, combining materials in unique ways to explore how they will react. He has worked with metals, wood, polymers, and more, each lending something new and thought provoking to his work.

Follow his work on social media with the links posted below, or get in touch using this site’s contact form.