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ABS plastic sculpture made with LIX

ABS Plastic Bird sculpture made with LIX

Another day, another lix sculpture, except this time I wanted to create a perfect sphere out of ABS plastic. This feat took at least a couple of days, and a BUNCH of ABS filaments for the LIX pen. I’d recommend ABS plastic when working with LIX, PLA is a softer material and it goes way too fast for my liking. If you’re a 3d pen beginner, or you’re...

Quick 3d pen sketch with LIX pen

Quick 3d pen sketch

I wanted to come up with a quick 3d pen sketch, so what better subject than a small bird? Using PLA as my material, I drew this bird with my old LIXPEN. I discovered PLA is way softer than ABS, and it comes in many different textures such as bronze and wood. Sketching this bird took less than an hour.   Bird on the ball from @theriikc #ball #bird #3dprinting...