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Hellboy's Hand of Doom, sketched with a 3Doodler by Riikc / 3Doodler Art

Hellboy’s Hand | 3d pen art

I spent the holidays in the Austrian mountains, doing some ski, and eating some speck. Weather predictions expected 70 cm of snow during the week so we cozied up in a cabin and waited for the storm to pass. With my sculpting tools elsewhere, I decided to build something with the only means I had at hand: a 3Doodler pen and a LOT of Riding Hood Red strands. One of my...

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos 3d Pen Skull

Dia de los Muertos is here! As a Mexican, this holiday was always a big moment to reflect and remember those who have died. I never really understood the weight of this date until I lost my grandfather in 2011. As a way of remembering the dead, I decorated the 3d pen skull I created just a couple of days ago in Guelph. I was not expecting 3Doodler’s team to...

3d pen sketch of a skull drawn with 3doodler

3d pen sketch of a skull |3Doodler

On October 2017, while visiting Toronto. I finally had the chance of testing a 3doodler 3d pen. Armed with 200 strands of Polar White ABS plastic, I set out to freehand draw a 3d pen sketch of a skull. Even after a couple of years of not using any 3d pens (or sculpting, really), this sculpture took me 6 hours, 50 strands of plastic and one 3doodler pen. My hands are...

In September, 2017 the Molengeek team traveled from Belgium to the USA as part of the Brussels Mission to Silicon Valley.

Molengeek goes to the USA!

In September 2017, I had the honor of traveling from Belgium to USA with Molengeek, a business incubator in Molenbeek, a now-famous district in Brussels, Belgium. Our team traveled as a part of a Belgian tech-mission to America, with plans to visit Facebook, Google, Branch.io and the United Nations. This dream was almost cut short by a brief refusal-of-entry by...

T-IL interviews Denis Meyers

Interview with Denis Meyers for T-IL

As a part of our ongoing video series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Denis Meyers, an artist from Brussels who produced the longest grafitti in Europe by tagging a whole building. These are his 10 favorite spots in the waffle capital of the world: Solvay Building KIPKOT Reservoir Shop Chez Franz Tenbosch Park Montana Shop Skatepark des Ursulines Macadam Gallery...