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Blanc_lugubre — Oil painting on gold leaf of a young woman kneeling.

Blanc_lugubre — Small oil painting on gold leaf

[burnt umber, cadmium red, titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre and cobalt blue on gold background ] As I made it to Brussels in the middle of the pandemic, I set myself to finish the small oil painting on gold leaf — this one was sketched and primed many months ago, before the travel ban.

This piece is based on a photo by blanc_lugubre, who I met on tinder during the first days of lockdown. The way she posed for her own picture made me think of the many ways we’re expressing our solitude and our sexuality through times of isolation. As I got the picture, I knew this piece had to be set in a gold background to reflect the muse’s inner glow.

Many thoughts and questions came up in my mind while setting the gold leaf; Are we completely deprived of affection and lust from other when we’re alone? Can we radiate enough warmth when we’re on our own during this extraordinary period?

RIght as this piece was finished, COVID measures are expected to ease within the next couple of weeks. I hope this oil painting on gold leaf brings back some reflection if we’re ever out of these isolated times.

For more small paintings and notebook doodlers, check out my sketches page.

Blanc_lugubre - Small oil painting on gold leaf of a young woman kneeling wearing a see-through blouse.

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