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Zorn palette oil portrait of Jenny

Jenny — Zorn Palette Painting

I met Jenny in Brussels a couple of years ago, while searching for a model to wear my 3Doodler dress. After our initial meeting, we shot some more pictures, knowing one of them would be transferred into a painting or a sketch at some point.This is a one hour sketch of one of those days — Zorn palette on a 10x10cm canvas.

Nude tinder sketches from my travels around the world.

Anonymous — Burnt Umber + Titanium White

This is my first ever oil painting. After some hours of research, it was clear that the best way to start painting was to use a VERY limited palette, called the Zorn Palette. [Cadmium Red, Yellow ochre, burnt umber, titanium white] This is the result of a couple of hours of painting using only Burnt Umber and Titanium White on a 10x10cm canvas. I drew more small...