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Mexican Alebrije Sculpture Created With a 3D Pen

I decided to use all of my colorful ABS filaments for the 3Doodler on a single project. And what better way to represent my mexican roots than with the bright Mexican Alebrije? What is an Alebrije? Alebrijes are a Mexican folk art form from Oaxaca that originated from local artist Pedro Linares. These multi-colored Oaxacan wood carvings depict bright animals. Linares...

3d Mate Review — The 3d Mate TRIO includes a design mat, a 3d printing pen and a wide variety of PLA filament. Read my review here:

3d Mate Review — A Must-Have Accesory for 3d Pen Artists

It’s been a couple of weeks that I first got my hands on a 3d Mate Trio. The TRIO is a 3 piece combo consisting of a 3d printing pen called 3d Mate ONE with a nice stand, many rolls of PLA filament in a variety of colors and the BASE silicone mat which has become one of my favorite accessories in my workshop to create 3d drawings. Read on if you’re...

Lady Liberty sketched with a 3d pen on Canvas — 3Doodler art by Riikc

3d Painting on Canvas — Lady Liberty sketched with 3Doodler

I had some time on my hands to create a new 3d pen art piece. Only, this time, I wanted to paint directly on white canvas. As I began, a three-dimensional drawing of a face was the first thing to take shape on the new canvas. Due to the teal color, it was evident that this face would turn into Lady Liberty. Here’s a video of the last steps in the creation of...

3Doodler vs Lix Pen, a 3d pen comparison by Riikc

3Doodler vs LIX pen

If you stumbled across my site then you have probably seen my 3d pen sculptures on Youtube or Instagram. Throughout this year I have received many questions from people who are about to buy their first 3d pen and have to choose between a LIX pen or a 3Doodler.  I decided to write this 3Doodler vs LIX pen comparison to answer those questions and settle the debate...