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"La Estrella" Oil painting based on the Mexican lotería card, and created from one of my first sculpture sketches

La Estrella — Oil painting on Canvas

This one is somewhat of a “full circle” painting for me. “La estrella” Back when I was a student in Mexico, I used to sketch this piece in my school notebooks. When I was young, the future was super uncertain, and I never saw myself as someone who had a lot of opportunities to even travel abroad or to even consider anything artistic as my...

Painting in progress — Portrait of Brandon Moreno as "el Valiente" from the mexican loteria cards.

Painting in Progress — Portrait of Brandon Moreno

This has been a painting in progress for TOO LONG. This post is a gentle reminder to myself that I need to finish this portrait and sell it pronto. As a part of my series on the Lotería, I’m using a zorn palette for the details on Brandon Moreno’s body, with an additional color palette for all of the details surrounding him. These details include the...

Blue Mechanical Pencil Lead Drawing

This drawing is a special one, since it’s the first male muse I’ve ever worked with. I matched with Deante while driving through Texas on our way back to Brussels. This of course, happened on tinder, where I’ve been matching with muses, both male and female, all over the world! I really like this sketch, made with blue mechanical pencil lead on a...

Tinder Art, paintings and sketches of my tinder matches during lockdown.

Tinder Art — We match, I draw you.

One of the silver linings of lockdown is having the time to create and hone new skills. During lockdown, I started creating a series of drawings of the human form, and my muses were the people who I matched with on tinder. If you’re not familiar with tinder, or live under a rock, the premise is simple: swipe your finger right on a person if you find them...

Blue mechanical pencil sketch.

Blue Lead Sketch — Mechanical Pencil on Gold Marker

Here’s another one of my tinder sketches. This time, I drew a picture of Maité with blue lead (0.7mm) and a mechanical pencil on gold background.

Drawing new people has been a great way to hone my drawing skills during the lockdown in Belgium. I’ll be posting all of my latest tinder art on this link.