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Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, my alma mater

Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts

I arrived in Brussels, Belgium with a provisional study visa in 2013. There was a single condition to my travel document: to get accepted into an art school. I immediately visited La Cambre, where I had previously asked for a shot at being a student. A few minutes after introducing myself, my admission was denied, and I was asked to search elsewhere. And so I did. It...

Chez Moi a Bruxelles — My house in Brussels

Chez Moi

I dont think I ever felt “at home” or “chez moi” anywhere, until I got to Brussels, Belgium in 2013. This is the first shot I took of Rue Haute 37, by far the best apartment anyone’s ever seen in the waffle capital. (I’m not biased at all) At this point in time, I did not know this is where I would live for three years, 6 months...

Bruxelles will have to wait!


Bruselas, Bruxelles, Brussels. En mis veintitantos años de vida, nada me habia motivado tanto como mi primera visita a Bruxelles, en Belgica. Años despues de trabajar cada dia tras dia sin algun motivo, y de “no encajar” en Mexico, decidi comenzar mis estudios en Europa. Con un poco de determinación y durante mis vacaciones, busque una escuela en...