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Driving from Mexico to Canada

Driving from Mexico to Canada

Six months ago, Caroline had the idea of driving across North America meeting farmers from every different country, so we bought a car and started an adventure called “The Food Less Traveled“. The pitch was simple: interview a farmer or a farm organization in every state, from Nuevo Leon MX, to Ontario, CA. Once our documentary was done, many people...

Como Manejar desde México hasta Canadá

Hace algunos meses compré un carro y di inicio a la aventura llamada “the food less traveled“, un video documental sobre alimentos locales en Norteamérica. La idea fue simplemente manejar desde México hasta Canadá entrevistando granjeros y organizaciones de comida local. Una pregunta que he recibido de muchos de mis seguidores es: Que es lo que hay que...

ts'onot — Bronze patina on canvas. Ricardo Martinez Herrera | Riikc — Private collection in Brussels, Belgium -

Ts’onot Bronze Patina Painting

Ts’onot is a painting made by Riikc entirely out of bronze patina on a canvas. It was sold to a private collector in Brussels, Belgium, shortly after an exposition at Place St. Bernard. This work is one in a series of bronze patina paintings which are now located in different collections worldwide. Ts’onot is a word that means underground body of water in...

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos 3d Pen Skull

Dia de los Muertos is here! As a Mexican, this holiday was always a big moment to reflect and remember those who have died. I never really understood the weight of this date until I lost my grandfather in 2011. As a way of remembering the dead, I decorated the 3d pen skull I created just a couple of days ago in Guelph. I was not expecting 3Doodler’s team to...

3d pen sketch of a skull drawn with 3doodler

3d pen sketch of a skull |3Doodler

On October 2017, while visiting Toronto. I finally had the chance of testing a 3doodler 3d pen. Armed with 200 strands of Polar White ABS plastic, I set out to freehand draw a 3d pen sketch of a skull. Even after a couple of years of not using any 3d pens (or sculpting, really), this sculpture took me 6 hours, 50 strands of plastic and one 3doodler pen. My hands are...