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Bruxelles will have to wait!


Bruselas, Bruxelles, Brussels. En mis veintitantos años de vida, nada me habia motivado tanto como mi primera visita a Bruxelles, en Belgica. Años despues de trabajar cada dia tras dia sin algun motivo, y de “no encajar” en Mexico, decidi comenzar mis estudios en Europa. Con un poco de determinación y durante mis vacaciones, busque una escuela en...

I saw a burning motorcycle on my first week in Belize. It was an omen of the year to come. My first year on the road.

First Year on the Road

With no one around, I stopped to watch a burning motorcycle in the middle of the road in Maya Beach. It was my first week in Belize, and I should have known; This flaming bike was an omen of things to come in my first year on the road. A premonition of sorts. It was a couple of months later that I got fired from the job that brought me down to Belize, and got me to...

This was my first encounter with the magnificent Caribbean colors in Belize.

Caribbean Colors

It’s really easy to point out what first drew me to Belize, back in 2011; The Caribbean Colors. Without any sort of financial stability, job, credit cards or responsibilities, I took a paid opportunity to create stunning pictures for a Belizean resort. Payment was horrible, but I got a camera and a computer (That I would pay with my own salary) to use in my...