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Memento Mori, Bronze sculpture by mexican artist | riikc

Memento Mori

Bronze sculpture cast by Riikc in Soignies, Belgium. Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning ‘remember you have to die’. Sold to a private collection in Brussels, Belgium. Process detailed below:   The original materials used to create a bronze sculpture can be anything, as long as they burn well and leave no trace. In this case, I sculpted a wooden...

ABS to Bronze

After a few weeks of testing 3d pens, an idea came to me: What if I turned ABS to Bronze with the lost wax casting process? The first step towards this feat was to find a piece that would turn into a glorious sculpture or get destroyed in the process. The winning object was a red ABS plastic heart I had sketched days before: ABS to Bronze — Step 2 Sprues were to be...

ABS plastic sculpture made with LIX

ABS Plastic Bird sculpture made with LIX

Another day, another lix sculpture, except this time I wanted to create a perfect sphere out of ABS plastic. This feat took at least a couple of days, and a BUNCH of ABS filaments for the LIX pen. I’d recommend ABS plastic when working with LIX, PLA is a softer material and it goes way too fast for my liking. If you’re a 3d pen beginner, or you’re...

3d pen heart

3D Pen Heart Sketch

Most of my art projects involve human anatomy in one way or another, in May 2016, I worked with a LIX 3d pen to sketch several anatomical drawings, including a skull, a bust and a heart. Here’s my first 3d pen heart sketch. This is also the base for my lost wax casting project, which turned ABS to Bronze in an ancient Belgian atelier. With time, these projects...