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Mini 3d Skeleton

Ok, here’s my second sketch created with ABS plastic from a 3d pen: A mini 3d skeleton with moving body parts. Somehow, this got featured by LIX pen during its inception, gathering more than 100,000 views on instagram: More of my sculptures can be seen here. To see my first sketch click here. Skeleton by www.lixpen.com @theriikc #lix #lixpen #3dpen #3dlix...

Heart sculpture made with papier mache, oil paint, glass and LED circuitry.

Heart Sculpture

This heart sculpture brings me good memories; Before I had any sort of money, recognition or big projects, I turned into the arts to create a future for myself. After having co-founded my first project in Belize, I had to return back home to cut my costs, and to dedicate some time to my most ambitious dream – studying art in Europe. I was asked to present a...

Stained Glass Light Art — by Riikc

Memento — Stained Glass Light

A recurring theme in my earlier sculptures was the use of light against stained glass. Memento was an example of this technique, and a gift to my significant other in 2011. The process to build this stained glass light was almost therapeutic— from the glass smashing to the meticulous arranging of every glass shard against an acrylic base. Not pictured in the...