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Hellboy’s Hand | 3d pen art

I spent the holidays in the Austrian mountains, doing some ski, and eating some speck. Weather predictions expected 70 cm of snow during the week so we cozied up in a cabin and waited for the storm to pass. With my sculpting tools elsewhere, I decided to build something with the only means I had at hand: a 3Doodler pen and a LOT of Riding Hood Red strands. One of my christmas presents was a Hellboy book, so I used this as a reference to sculpt Hellboy’s Hand in ABS plastic.

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Hopefully I will be able to turn this plastic piece into a new bronze sculpture!

Enjoy the pictures, subscribe to my stuff or let me know what you want to see next!


Lifesize prop of Hellboy's right hand of doom 3d printed with a 3doodler pen by Riikc. The entire thing took around 16 hours, process detailed here.

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