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3d skull sketched with lix pen

3d Skull sketched with LIX pen

So, here it is, a 3d skull sketched with LIX pen. I created this piece over the course of several days while visiting the LIX headquarters in Belgium. 3d skull sketched with lix pen

There’s a youtube video which shows all sides of this skull, another small clip was posted by the LIX team and gathered more then 100,000 views, being featured by many websites, such as Insider and LadBible. This sculpture also traveled to China for the Design Excellence Awards, where it was displayed for a couple of days.

I used a couple of pens and 50+ ABS plastic filaments to create this piece.
Anyone can build a skull like this, by tracing the contour of a real skull and assembling all parts together, check out the LIX pen below and let me know if you need any help with your 3d pen projects.

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