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3d Mate Review — The 3d Mate TRIO includes a design mat, a 3d printing pen and a wide variety of PLA filament. Read my review here:

3d Mate Review — A Must-Have Accesory for 3d Pen Artists

It’s been a couple of weeks that I first got my hands on a 3d Mate Trio. The TRIO is a 3 piece combo consisting of a 3d printing pen called 3d Mate ONE with a nice stand, many rolls of PLA filament in a variety of colors and the BASE silicone mat which has become one of my favorite accessories in my workshop to create 3d drawings.

Read on if you’re interested in buying a 3d Mate.

3d Mate Review — Features:

Let’s start with the 3d Mate ONE, a really simple 3d pen with an acrylic stand. While not as ergonomic or fancy looking as most other pens, I have enjoyed enjoyed this pen a lot. The instructions are really simple: Two buttons on the front, and two buttons on the back.

The front buttons extrude and remove filament from the pen, while the back buttons control speed and filament type. Simple and efficient.

I have used the ONE like a madman for two weeks, It’s still going as steady as the first minute I used it.

Now, onto my review of the pièce de résistance: a silicone mat which would make PERFECT geometric shapes with a 3d pen. As a sculptor, this claim seemed too good to be true before I bought the item, so I decided to test it out.

Here’s what I think of the 3d Mate silicone mat

Anyone who’s bought a 3d printing pen knows how frustrating it can be to get any sort of GOOD at drawing in three dimensions. The learning curve is steep for this type of sketching and it can become frustrating to attempt any sort of nice looking geometric volume.

Enter the 3d Mate; In one or two attempts, I was able to get semi-perfect circles, triangles, and squares that I used to create volumes. This is a definite surprise for me, and a great feature for anyone who’s frustrated with their sketching abilities.

These cubes, spheres and pyramids can be used by as a sketching base for characters, or just plain good looking 3d volumes.

This product also came with 600 grams of different colored PLA and ABS plastics. If I had any children of my own, this would be a great selling feature, as you can find your favorite color in the bonanza of plastics you get with the TRIO.

If this review helped you, then go and buy a buy a 3d Mate Trio here.

If that is not enough for you, the 3d MATE TRIO also comes in a big cardboard cilinder, which can also double as a carrying case for all your 3d pen materials. I found this packaging to be really smart and useful for disorganized artists such as myself.

My first review of the 3d Mate Trio, a 3d printing pen with a silicone mat that allows artists to create PERFECT 3d geometric shapes with a 3d pen.

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