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ts'onot — Bronze patina on canvas. Ricardo Martinez Herrera | Riikc — Private collection in Brussels, Belgium -

Ts’onot Bronze Patina Painting

Ts’onot is a painting made by Riikc entirely out of bronze patina on a canvas. It was sold to a private collector in Brussels, Belgium, shortly after an exposition at Place St. Bernard. This work is one in a series of bronze patina paintings which are now located in different collections worldwide.

Ts’onot is a word that means underground body of water in Yucatec Maya— this name was given due to the painting’s resemblance to cenotes in the Mayan riviera.

More of my artistic work can be seen in my online portfolio. To buy any of my available works, please use my contact form.


Ts'onot is a painting created with nothing but Bronze patina and a brush on canvas. This work was created by riikc, with the oxidation from his bronze sculptures. Ts'onot is now a part of a private collection in Brussels, Belgium

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