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Mexican Alebrije Sculpture Created With a 3D Pen

I decided to use all of my colorful ABS filaments for the 3Doodler on a single project. And what better way to represent my mexican roots than with the bright Mexican Alebrije?

What is an Alebrije?

Alebrijes are a Mexican folk art form from Oaxaca that originated from local artist Pedro Linares. These multi-colored Oaxacan wood carvings depict bright animals. Linares once said he had the first idea for an Alebrije while having a fever dream, and this is my homage to his fantastic art. Years after his first creations, Alebrijes became known all around Oaxaca, and eventually all around the world.

I decided to pay tribute to these Oaxacan animals by sculpting a fantastic chimera with many different animal parts. Unlike other alebrijes, my creation is made with ABS plastic, and it took 8 hours to fully take form. How many animal traits can you find in my latest Alebrije drawing?

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I finally created an Alebrije with a 3doodler 3d pen. Alebrijes are a Mexican art form from Oaxaca. I pay homage to these Oaxacan wood carvings with a colorful beast from my imagination!

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