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Sunset in Maya Beach, Stann Creek

Maya Beach, Stann Creek

These are the first shots taken with my new 10-20 mm Sigma lens in 2013 — A wonderful sunset in Maya Beach, a small settlement in the Belizean district of Stann Creek. This district in Belize is known for great beaches, great hikes and amazing accomodations, in my opinion, this is the first place one must visit in the Caribbean. The shot was well received by viewers...

Belizean Jungle in Toledo

Belizean Jungle

My first year in Belize brought fun adventures day after day. Every week, we would drive a car through the small country to scout for great sights, caribbean snacks and awesome pictures.  While exploring the Belizean jungle, in our search for affordable properties. We decided to stop and rest by a river in the Toledo district. It was a hot night, just the right...

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, as seen from a plane. Photo by Riikc

Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, 2013

There I was; Flying over the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in a 2 person cropduster. My life in the hands of a 17 year old baby faced pilot flying a 30 year old machine. The freezing wind hit my face as I took my camera out of the aircraft for a couple of  pictures. Originally, I took this plane to photograph a real estate development in Placencia, but these shots took a...

A portrait of happiness.


When I look back on life, I can see that along with my family, friends and acquaintances, I’ve spent years and years looking for “Happiness”. A couple of months into living in Belize and I finally caught a glimpse of how simple it is to be happy. PROTIP: It does not take money, fame or achievements. Seine Bight, 2012 and I’m getting to meet...

Nothing beats a Belizean Sunset on the Maya Beach lagoon.

Belizean Sunset

I have seen many great sunsets over the years, but nothing beats a Belizean Sunset. This picture is also a great memory of my first year in Belize, as I had just bought the first decent lens for my Canon camera. For reference: this picture was taken facing west at the lagoon in Maya Beach, Belize, a quiet lagoon with a couple of American alligators and many fish...